Sunday, May 08, 2011

Studio May

Photos of my studio, beginning of May. Have been trying to finish various projects I have on the go - a commission, 3D props, a recalled commission, the scattered tasks for the MA. My Paula Rego research has prompted me to experiment with model making to add to my scenic constructions - brilliantly, this coincided with my reading of 7 Days in the Art World, chapter 'The Studio Visit' where Takashi Murukami has a team of experts working on his paintings. So I recruited help with the owl's feathers, purely for a time advantage, not lazyitis. 
Delighted with the commission rework (green background) which will be delivered back to its home next weekend. 
Noticed yesterday, during an epic 10 hour studio date, that although my appreciation of colour seems to fall in with red and blue, I had inadvertently produced a series of green and purple paintings:)
Commission also complete and ready to be collected, very pleased and feeling good about moving onto the BOS preparation, only a few weeks to go!

Studio shot - Purple and Green

Commission rework
Commission completed


  1. Hi Alexa - always so impressed with your prolific days in the studio! The owl is quite striking - what material did you use for the feathers? Jennifer M.

  2. Hey Jennifer, it's papier mache - kitchen roll and wallpaper paste over chicken wire:)