Friday, April 22, 2011

Salome's Crush

Trying to develop my primary recording and it occurred to me, during some of my research into Paula Rego (for PC Case Study) that I should be making props to include in my paintings as objects and symbols. Linked with the 'World's Wife' exhibition that I've agreed to make work for, decided to start with Salome's crush, John. Looking at Peter Rush's paper sculptures for inspiration; must stress that I have no experience of 3D modelling at all, in fact I find it very difficult to visualise anything three-dimensionally. However, my love of theatre, masks and props feeds this urge to have a go. So I am. 

Peter Rush - Tracy Emin
Aubrey Beardsley - The Climax

Process is wire, for my next attempt I have already got some chicken wire as the type I had to hand was very flimsy, roughly structures, then layers of kitchen roll and wallpaper paste. Slightly Blue Peter, but surprisingly pleasing to handle and versatile to shape. Had a nightmare with the supports for the head - as per usual I just dove straight into the making without preparing all my materials so had to improvise with dead ends of quad and toilet roll, which collapsed half way through the first attempt...however, the rescue attempt was successful and I restructured the support with a three point structure (much more stable). Quite interesting looking at the photos, think I will need to go back tomorrow and shorten the nose, and if dry add hair to the back of the head. Really pleased with how it's going tho as had no idea what I was doing. Think I will make some animals (probably owls!) with the left over paste...

Paula Rego in her studio

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