Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lines of Enquiry for 2012

Having done a lot of thinking over the 'holidays', I felt it was best to record some of the intentions I have so I can refer back in later months.
  • Broaden knowledge of painters who address themes I am interested in (currently more drawn to photographers, themes and process but not photographic outcomes
  • Take more spontaneous and collecting photos with digital camera when out and about to add to recipe book
  • Work on sketchbook based explorations, altered books and other objects
  • Visit exhibitions and actively make notes - build greater awareness of artist's career as well as work
  • Investigate Hernan Bas,Michael Borremans, Lisa Brice, Merlin James, Maki Na Kamura, Makiko Kudo, Birgit Megerle,Zhang Enl, Masako Ando, Leopold Rabus, 
  • Explore literature which explores themes of magic, femininity, mirrors
  • Use digital and paper collage to manipulate scale and 'plan' paintings
  • Write an artist statement
  • Find out more about this

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