Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Critical Reflection

My feedback from the midyear assessment was generally positive, however an area which I seem to have fallen down on is recording my reflection on tasks. It's not that I haven't reflected - in fact I spend a great deal of time reviewing, refining and evaluating my process and research. This is a natural part of my practise but I haven't yet succeeded in conveying this through my blog entries and submissions. Partly a time constraint, partly I'm not good at evidencing for the sake of it, although I know I have to do it to show it's been done, and that it is a healthy process to record, reflect and revisit. So from now on I will endevour to record my reflection as I go; as suggested by A, I have looked at E's blog for good examples of this. Notes/record followed by distinct title 'Reflection' and comment...this seems to work and will remind me I have to type up whatever I have thought or have been thinking.

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