Saturday, October 30, 2010

7 weeks at 7b

Well, finally it's half tem and I can spend some real time with my studio. It's all set up now and I've bene trying to go in at weekends and once or twice during the week, although school has rather got in the way. It's still fairly quiet dispite all the studios being let...can't work out if this is because I'm going 'out of hours' as it were, or if it'll just be a gradual migration. 
Paintings are underway, plus some fiddling with monoprint (my new fave after painting...and felt) - have spend quite a while with some of them now so at least one is in its finished state:) Also managed to precure a notice board so have an image collection growing for inspiration.

Paintings (no titles...or working titles) include...
Corn babies
Girl with a crown
Fiona flower

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