Saturday, August 28, 2010

Studio 7b

So...after visiting the new studio spaces at Commercial Square Studios on Monday, I have been waiting to hear back as to whether I am 'suitable' to take up residence. I have to confess, I was rather seduced by the charm of the warehouse buildings, previously occupied by an upholstery company. The transformation of the existing studios is spectacular...light, vivid, and some with the seductive smell of oil paint and linseed hitting you as you pass over the threshold. Patricia was sparkly, currently the keeper of the keys (though she will not be involved with the new group she says). The spaces themselves are deep and look on housing behind. They are a blank canvas as such, and interfered with my sleep over the last week as I imagine where my paintings would hang. Last night a voicemail (I missed the call of course) informed me that I could be the new tenant of Studio 7b:) I always knew seven was my lucky number...

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